The 5 Most Common CV Mistakes…

Your CV can make or break a job application. Tanya Roxburgh, a Digital Recruitment Specialist at Ground Recruitment, has seen all the CV blunders in the book. Here’s her guide to the most common.

  1. Not checking for typos

Always use spell-check and also read through your CV carefully.

2. Not getting someone else to check it too

Get a second pair of eyes (it can be a friend or family member) to look for spelling mistakes, spot grammar issues, and check it makes sense to them.

3. Not making it ‘idiot proof’

Your CV should make sense to someone outside your industry – or even your grandma. So explain who ‘Joe Bloggs Ltd’ are and what you did there.

4. Making it too wordy

Too many words in your CV, and people won’t read it. Use short, descriptive sentences and bullet points.

5. Worrying about the number of pages

If you have a long career or lots of experience, it’s okay for your CV to go onto three pages – provided it covers everything you do in a succinct way. Your CV is your first step to an interview, and needs to tell potential employers who you are.

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