The 5 Most Common CV Mistakes…

Your CV can make or break a job application. Tanya Roxburgh, a Digital Recruitment Specialist at Ground Recruitment, has seen all the CV blunders in the book. Here’s her guide to the most common. Not checking for typos Always use spell-check and also read through your CV carefully. Not getting someone

Mindfulness At Work

This simply means you are paying attention to the present – thinking about the present and taking time to observe your thoughts. It requires a helicopter perspective, observing yourself from a distance, but without judging your thoughts or feelings and without thinking of them as good or bad. It does


The job readiness programme is applicable to learners, regardless of the sector they belong to. Recently, we were approached by Libra Law Office, to prepare students at the University of Lagos with relevant skills for the world of work, as part of their corporate social responsibility (CSR). This is

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